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Today, we look at THE WITCH PORT VIDEO GAME.


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Leonard Bassed
* YA *

Author: Leonard Bassed
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 108
Genre: YA


Leonard Bassed had no plan to write a novel titled THE WITCH PORT
VIDEO GAME when he set out to create a movie script with a similar
name.  “I had written the pilot script first and I kept the same ending
for the novel…everything from the script I wrote found its way into the
finished book version of ‘The Witch Port Video Game,’ said
writer-singer-actor Leonard Bassed.  “I was able to spend more time
developing the characters and their world…the whole thing was just such
an organic experience and extremely enjoyable, creative for me.”THE WITCH PORT VIDEO GAME tells the story through the lives of three
ordinary teens who live in the fictional town of Cradle Creek, USA – a
small town they hope to one day escape, attracted by the bright lights
and promise of the Big City.  All three are students at a prestigious
performing art school with hopes of one day making names for themselves
in the entertainment world.Mr. Bassed continued about his story, “A chance encounter the three
have with a girl named Bianca Morris threatens to derail their plans.
Bianca introduces them to an enticing video game, ‘The Witch Port Video
Game’.  This encounter, coupled with the arrival of the MacQuoid
brothers sets in motion a series of bizarre events that spins their
lives into chaos and disarray as the three head into a world of sorcery
with an ultimate fight for survival.”As a young boy growing up in South Africa, Leonard dreamed one day of
working in the arts.  He wanted to write, to act, to sing.  While drawn
to acting and song writing, he was also a good story teller.  “The
auditions I would go out for as an actor were never reflective of the
kinds of roles I was after to play. It was this realization that led me
to writing the pilot script which I planned to pitch to TV and movie
producers.  But, once I finished the script I’d grown too attached to
the characters and the wonders of their world that ultimately led the
script into the shape of a full novel,” he went on to say.


“While the book’s final moments leave us with a rather sudden, enigmatic ending, an end note does indicate a sequel Witch Port Igniting the Coven on
the horizon. For those who enjoy the entertaining literary chemistry
that results from inquisitive teens and their foray into the mysterious
world of sorcery, Bassed’s venture should prove an intriguing reveal.”

–Pacific Book Review

“Filled with cheeky references to famous pop-culture stories of
sorcery and mixed with some classic teenage angst, this book is a
fast-paced, suspenseful story. The novel’s premise that some teenagers
gain special powers through a video game is an updated, modern take on
magic and suits the story quite well for a 21st-century setting. The
author sets up the story mechanisms so that everything that happens
through the students’ video game play also happens in real life. The
author states that this novel was originally a screenplay, and those
elements shine through, from the descriptive settings to the fast pace
in which the action occurs on the page. It will be interesting to see
how the protagonists grow with their powers in the sequel.”

–The U.S. Review of Books

Book can be purchased at the author’s web site at





“I begin to hear an eerie
chant being recited in unison as the first three naked women make it to the
dark summit. Holding long, makeshift brooms, in their right hands, they chant:
“Drink the flight broth, wood in hand. Burn the root …” An elderly woman with
lanky hair picks up the goblet, takes a sip of its contents, and inhales the
smoke of an already burning smudge stick. The chanting continues: “Then dive
from the cliff…” This is perhaps the most startling scene I’ve ever
witnessed. The woman runs off the edge of the cliff, seemingly to plummet to
her death, but I hear “Not by wind nor by wings, airborne sisters thou shall
soar.” Suddenly, the woman who vanished off the cliff reappears, hovering in
mid-air on a broom. She begins cackling, and the louder her cackles, the higher
she floats. Soon a host of other women mimic her actions, cackling into the
night air.” – By Leonard Bassed
This is one of my favorite excerpts from my novel, ‘The Witch Port Video
Game’ because of the imagery it conjures.
My novel begins with Martin’s recollection of a vision he once had. In the
vision women are seen diving of a cliff and flying on their brooms, true to the
stereotypical portrayal of witches in the media and western folklore.
The women are depicted inhaling something resembling a smudge stick this
leaves the reader unsure whether they’re indeed flying or having some sort of
hallucinogenic experience brought on by the smoke.



Interview with the Author

  • What initially got you interested in writing?

What got me interested in writing was probably the same thing that drew me to acting, I enjoy story telling. I’m fascinated with characters and their psychology. Both these mediums give both the artist and the consumer a chance to experience life through a different set of lenses.    

  • How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?

It wasn’t intentional in that I had written The Witch Port Video Game pilot script first, which I planned to pitch to film/Tv producers but upon its completion I was hooked and knew I had to explore the world and its characters further. This realization culminated in the finished novel, which is the first in the series.

  • What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

The take-away is that our actions have consequences, my book follows the lives of three ordinary teenage friends studying at a prestigious performing arts high school they derive supernatural powers after playing a mobile phone video game that a girl named Bianca Morris introduces them to. This book deals with issues that are true to life such as substance abuse and the impact it has on families. I also think that the manner in which the friends come by their power is analogous of teenage experimentation and the disastrous consequences that can arise as a result of such activities.

  • What do you find most rewarding about writing?

This may sound pretentious, but I’m fascinated with how something as abstract as my imagination can become something tangible that anyone can pick up and read. I also love the fact that it gives both the author and reader a chance to experience life through another’s lenses.

  • What do you find most challenging about writing?

The thing I find most challenging about writing is not writing, I literally have to pull myself away from my work in order to function like a normal person in society. If left to my own devices I’d be a shut-in completely engrossed in my work.

  • What advice would you give to people want to enter the field?

No one has your perspective so if you have a story to share, that’s your duty. What you don’t know you will figure out as you go along. You have to put in your time, you become a better writer by writing.

  • What ways can readers connect with you?

Readers can connect with me on my social media platforms, the links to which can be found on my website at


About the Author


Writer-actor-singer Leonard Bassed was born in the town of
Middleburg, Mpumalanga and raised in Johannesburg.  He started taking
vocal lessons at age eight and studied drama throughout his high school
years.  A mentor encouraged him to pursue an acting career.  Leonard
went on to complete acting classes in both South Africa and later Los
Angeles.  Currently, when not writing or singing, Leonard continues to
study acting techniques with the renowned Margie Haber Studio in
Hollywood. In his free time, he enjoys travel, reading and movie going.


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