Moderator for Zoom Toastmasters4Writers Toastmasters Club panel on “Public Speaking: An Essential Element of a Successful Writer’s Toolkit” with Ellen Byron and Matt Coyle (2023).

Highlighted Media Guest for VoltCon 2022 and co-hosted three panels with Greg Tyler of the LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST. (2022)

Featured speaker via Zoom with Kevin Paul Shaw Broden for prospective Toastmasters club “Readers to Leaders” speaking about short stories. (2022)

Surprise guest panelist at VoltCon 2021 for the panel “The Legend of Vehicle Team Voltron” with Greg Tyler and Marc Morrell of the LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST. Learn more here. (2021)

Surprise guest panelist at VoltCon 2021 for “Voltron Voice Actors Panel” with Marc Morrell and Greg Tyler from the LET’S VOLTRON PODCAST. Learn more here. (2021)

AAUW-East San Gabriel Chapter, moderated author luncheon panel featuring Jill Amadio, D.J. Adamson, Janet Lynn, and Pamela Samuels Young. (2019)

Moderated author panel on “Mysteries Take You Everywhere” featuring Janet Lynn, Will Zeilinger, and Jill Amadio for the Torrance Library, sponsored by Friends of the Torrance Library (2018)

LosCon 44, moderated panels such as “She Was My Princess,” “Blending Mystery and Speculative Fiction,” “Going from Fan to Pro,” and “Connecting Writers and Readers,” as well as appearing on the panel “Facebook Gaming”. See a program book sample here. (2017)

AAUW-East San Gabriel Chapter, appeared at author luncheon panel with fellow Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles members Pamela Samuels Young, Jill Amadio, and Will Zeilinger; moderated by Nancy Cole Silverman. (2017)

Orange County Science Fiction Club, guest speaker at October 2017 meeting. (2017)

Long Beach Comic Expo, hosted solo talk on “Social Media and Fandom”. (2017)

LosCon 43,  moderated “Book Blogs: Are They Shaping How We Find New Reads?”, “Reboots, Reimaginings, and Fandom,” “Social Media and Fandom,” and “The Evolution of Gaming: What Next?” and appeared as a panelist on “The Path to Fandom,” “Where Is My Flying Car?”, and “Science Fiction and Fantasy Podcasts”. (2016)

Long Beach Comic Expo, appeared on panel “Adventures in New Pulp Fiction” with Kevin Paul Shaw Broden. (2016)

25 years of VOLTRON; “How Has Anime Impacted Western Culture,” on how anime has affected popular culture; “Web Comics,” with web comics creators and fans; and “When to Join a Critique Group” with with Ace Hall, Kelly Green, Sheila Finch. See a program book sample here. (2009)

JemCon, solo presentation panel on “From Animated Concept to Production”. (2008)

Anime Los Angeles, panel on Animation Writing and Production along with Craig Miller. (2008)

Pacific Media Expo, solo presentation panel on the challenges of bringing Japanese animation to dub for Western audiences. (2007)

Comic-Con International-San Diego, moderated panel on “The Animation Production Process” with Greg Weisman, Tad Stones, and Stephanie Graziano (2007).

Wondercon, moderated panel on “The Animation Production Process” with Greg Weisman, Stan Berkowitz, Dwayne McDuffie, Adam Beechen. (2007)

Gathering of the Gargoyles, appeared as part of the “From Fan To Pro” and the “Web Comics” panels. (2004)

Popular Culture Association of America -American Culture Association, “Learning With Disney: Examining Walt Disney Studios as a Driving Force in Early Animated Educational Films” at the National Conference on March 25th, 2004 in San Diego, CA. (2005)

Comic-Con International-San Diego, appeared as part of “Animation Roundtable” with Jerry Beck, Craig Miller, and Russell Calabrese on Thursday, July 19th at 4PM. Also, panelist on “Classic Animation vs. Modern Animation,” with Jerry Beck, Craig Miller, Michael Mallory, Bill Morrison, and Ric Meyers on Friday, July 20th at 4PM. (2001)

Gathering of the Gargoyles, panelist on “From Fan to Professional.” Fellow guests included fiction writers Christine MorganMeredith Patterson, and Rashaan Footman, along with artists Aimee Major and Karine Charlebois. (2001)

Comic-Con International-San Diego, moderated Con-sponsored panel “Breaking and Entering – Careers in Animation.” Panelists included writer/producers Craig Miller and Marv Wolfman, writer/Story Editors Bob Skir and Stan Berkowitz, and artist Bob Miller. (2000)


  • Let’s Voltron Episode 229
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 228
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 225
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 220
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 218
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 215
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 210
  • Catch Da Craze Episode 216, podcast covering music, comics, and all things independent. This interview catches up with Shannon Muir since her 2007 appearance. (2020)
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 201
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 194
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 188
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 187
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 177
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 161
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 141
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 123
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 106, appeared as a guest on a segment highlighting  Voltron related events at San Diego Comic-Con, on an episode also featuring an interview with Voltron: Legendary Defender voice actor AJ LoCascio as the voice of Lotor. (2017)
  • Let’s Voltron Episode 78 , appeared as one of two guest panelists analyzing the first season episode of Voltron: Legendary Defender entitled “Crystal Venom”. (2016)
  • Let’s Voltron (Part 2 only),  appeared as part of a panel discussion on the Wondercon panel for Voltron: Legendary Defender. (2016)
  • Let’s Voltron (Parts 1 and 2),  appeared as part of a panel discussion on Voltron: The Third Dimension and also discusses in depth how the intellectual property launched her interest in her field in the 1980s and continued to play a critical role in her involvement in animation at the time of the making of Voltron: The Third Dimension. Also references in passing her work in New Pulp and Genre Fiction. (2015)
  • Catch Da Craze Episode 94, audio podcast covering music, comics, and all things independent. This interviews covers Shannon’s early career in animation, her work on the webcomic FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY, and her book GARDNER’S GUIDE TO WRITING AND PRODUCING ANIMATION. (2007)


  • Aria Kalsan Authors Online Chat, interacting with people who purchased books from the site online store and received swag from the book’s concept creator/editor who had questions about the anthology. (2004)