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Today, we look at the book, THE SOUND OF SUFFERING.

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About the Book


The Sound of Suffering (The Master of Perceptions #2)
by Darin C. Brown
Genre/Keywords: Young Adult Loners and Outcasts, Superheroes, genetic engineering, auras, autism spectrum disorders, bullying, healing energy

Release Date: February 21st 2019




Hunter Miller has a secret.

He can read and manipulate the auras that surround everyone.

Having used his talent to dethrone the reigning school bully, thirteen-year old Hunter finds himself thrust into a new quest after hearing screams in the aura of a teacher.  Unable to resist this powerful siren song, he investigates—despite warnings from his family and friends. It nearly costs him everything.

Upon discovering the truth, Hunter seeks assistance in his mission to defeat his formidable adversary. As the situation escalates, the adolescent hero ultimately realizes that despite the risks, he must fight this battle alone.

In this second installment of The Master of Perceptions series, can Hunter use his extraordinary powers to rescue an innocent woman without losing himself in the process?


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5.0 out of 5 stars

Master of Perception Series ramps up!

February 5, 2019


Like Rowling’s Harry Potter, young Hunter is gaining maturity and skill in each new book of the “Master of Perceptions” series. The reader shares his increasing grasp of the unique ability to see people’s auras and manipulate them, and in Book 2 Hunter has a mission. He must deal with the very adult issue of domestic abuse. The perpetrator is a policeman, and his victim is a teacher at Hunter’s school. He can hear her aura screaming for help, but what can a sixth grader do against an officer of the law?

Dr. Darin Brown expertly builds the tension and leads us to understand this autistic young man’s unique perspective. Imagine the power of seeing people’s feelings and thoughts in their auras and also being able to manipulate the colors to affect their behavior. Hunter can already heal himself, but this skill comes at a price. It drains his energy, which can send him into the Void, if he is doesn’t keep up his carbs and sugar. Believable – though fantastic – and engaging, I highly recommend the “Master of Perception” Series.

Interview with the Author

What initially got you interested in writing?

One of the best nurses I ever worked with listened to my stories night after night for years. Finally, she said, “You’ve got to write this down!” and that was it. Seven years later, The Sight of Demons was published.


What genres do you prefer to write in?

I am only writing sci-fi for young adults right now, but the series moves to new adult and adult as it traverses Hunter’s life.


Are there any authors you prefer to read and why?

I love Richard Phillips, my favorite contemporary author, Issac Asimov, the most influential when I was younger, and a long list of action or sci-fi writers including AJ Tata, Terry Goodkind, Robert Ludlum, David Baldacci, Orson Scott Card, Michael Crighton, Lee Child, John Grisham, and of course, Dan Brown.  Several other YA authors like JK Rowling, John Flanagan, Sarah J. Maas, Rick Riordan, Cornelia Funke, and Christopher Paolini also influenced me.


How did you make the move into being a published author?

Self-publishing! I plan to query once I get five books completed.


What do you find most rewarding about writing?

Teaching the audience. I get to write an interesting story, flavor it with topics that I enjoy writing about, and at the same time sprinkle in a lesson of public importance.


What do you find most challenging about writing?

The hardest part for me is getting started. Once I get going, the ideas flow nicely, but until I get moving, inertia is very powerful!!


Do you have any tips for writers who find themselves experiencing writer’s block?


Sooner or later inspiration comes… just let it come and don’t try to force it.


What advice would you give to people that want to enter the field?

There are nearly one million books printed each year in the US alone. You must stand out if you want to be seen. Only a few dozen make any money, so be aware of the statistics, but don’t be afraid to follow your passion!


What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?


There are many things to learn from The Sound of Suffering. I discuss karate, chess, literature, medicine, and domestic violence. However, I am hoping to inspire people with Hunter’s character. He perseveres in his dangerous mission to save the woman despite nearly losing himself in the process. We are all capable of such selfless action, we just need to be reminded now and again.


About the Author

DARIN C. BROWN spent the last twenty years saving lives as an emergency medicine physician in New Hampshire and Maine. His master’s degree in biomedical engineering and PhD in biophysics helped him conceptualize Hunter’s astounding capabilities. When he’s not writing, he directs Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, including the biannual shows on the Conway Scenic Railroad. In addition to his varied academic interests, he competes at the national level in master’s track. He currently resides in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with his wife, Dr. Sandra Brown, and their many pets.


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