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Herbs and Homicide (The Faerie Apothecary Cozy Mystery)
by Astoria Wright

About the Book

Herbs and Homicide (The Faerie Apothecary Cozy Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Novelwright Mysteries (September 27, 2018)
Paperback: 217 pages
ISBN-10: 1949453030
ISBN-13: 978-1949453034

Looking for a unique paranormal cozy mystery series that’s lighthearted and fun?

Settle into the cozy countryside of Moss Hill, where house-elves rent rooms, sprites live in gardens, a leprechaun is the best tailor in town, and a half-elf/half human named Carissa Shea owns a pharmacy known as The Seelie Tree Apothecary shop. Life couldn’t be more idyllic for Cari, but healing humans and fae folk proves challenging at times, especially when secrets unfold in The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries.

About Book 1: Herbs and Homicide
In the small town of Moss Hill, customers of all kinds visit Carissa Shea’s Seelie Tree Apothecary Shop. That includes tall and short, young and old, human and faerie. Being half-elf/half-human herself, Carissa personally knows and cares for them all. So, when a grumpy brownie, a type of house faerie, named Miss Morgan dies in her shop, Carissa is devastated. As she learns more about her customer’s death, she realizes Miss Morgan might have been the only thing standing between the Seelie, faeries of light and goodness, and the Unseelie, faeries of darkness and evil. On top of it all, the Sidhe guard, protector of all fae residents, rule it a murder and name Carissa as a suspect! Now she must prove her innocence and find the real culprit before it’s too late – not just for her but for all of Moss Hill.

About the Author

Guest Post by the Author

Cozy in a World of Chaos

It’s no wonder people like mysteries. Curiosity killing a cat is a less likely scenario than it pushing a human into a fast-paced thriller – the page-turning kind. We are naturally curious creatures.

Inquisitiveness leads us to the big screen and books’ covers. It drives every story – that element of mystery. And if that element is removed, something is taken away from the experience. Spoilers are called that for a reason, after all. But, as much as curiosity is likely to guide us through a story, other feelings accompany each type of story out there.

For science fiction, the feeling takes us “where no one has gone before.” For fantasy, it pulls us down the rabbit hole. For history, it’s a walk down memory lane. Whatever the genre, the subgenre of the cozy has a distinct emotion layered over it: The feeling of coming home.

The cozy allows us to follow the breadcrumbs of a mystery, knowing that the woods are relatively safe otherwise. And once the witch is gone, there’s a whole house left made of candy. Okay, so I got a little lost in that metaphor. The bottom line is that a cozy is safe and snug, free of the excesses of sex, violence, profanity, and the darker nature of humanity that is explored in other genres.

Basically, cozies have characters we’d like to know or even have as friends. They take place in towns we’d like to live in. Perhaps best of all, they’re often written in series so that we can revisit our fictional friends in their cozy communities whenever we wish.

While cozies are a recognized subset of mysteries, I think “cozy” novels exist in other genres too. I realized this when some of my friends and family pointed out that my series, The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries, could be seen as a cozy fantasy novel as much as it is a cozy mystery. After looking up cozy fantasy on the internet to see if it was an actual term, I found that not only was it a subgenre of fantasy, but that some of my own favorites could be considered cozy fantasy novels and tv shows.

In fact, all of my favorite stories are cozy-like. The Hobbit and Doctor Who come to mind straight away since there’s that feeling of “home” being valued, whether it’s in the shire or the Tardis. For science fiction, I’ve always been a fan of star trek, which also treats the Enterprise as a homey atmosphere and downplays anything gruesome even in its darker episodes. In fact, there are a couple episodes in which the character Data plays Sherlock Holmes on the holodeck. I didn’t realize it as a kid watching it, but that’s a cozy mystery inside of a cozy sci-fi show. No wonder those are some of my favorite episodes!

I can appreciate heart-wrenching stories, but they’re not my favorite. This is probably why even though I love sci-fi, I don’t like some popular shows/books with very dystopian views of the future. I prefer utopias and optimistic views of the world – whether it’s in murder mysteries or other genres. In a world where things can sometimes be chaotic, it’s nice to come home to stories that are as comforting as a cozy.

About the Author

Astoria Wright is the author of The Faerie Apothecary Mysteries, including the bestselling prequel novella Chaos in the Countryside. Intrigued by myths and inspired by cozy mystery writers before her, Astoria tries to combine two worlds with human and faerie neighbors trying to solve puzzling crimes on the fictional island of Moss Hill. She’s also a poet, which shows in the Moss Hill poetry anthology “written” by the characters in the series. Her goal is to bring Moss Hill to life in her stories, because who doesn’t wish we lived in a town with magical faeries as neighbors?

  • Author Links

Website: www.astoriawright.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Astoria-Wright-2119028461648435/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AstoriaWright

GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/18477858.Astoria_Wright

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