Every Sunday, SHANNON MUIR’S MYSTERY OF CHARACTER focuses on the art and craft of writing from Shannon’s perspective, or gives you insight on her process as an author.

This week features Shannon’s introduction of her column to SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF.

I struggled with a title to introduce this column to SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF. I’d experimented with a version of it on another site, where I made the focus originally more on tips for authors either from myself or other people. However, over time, it kind of evolved into a weekly personal piece… something the originally site already had an established column for.

Over the last two years, I’d also struggled how to integrate a personal area into SHANNON MUIR’S PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF. For a while, I did “Thursday Thoughts” the first Thursday of each month, but that seemed to break the flow of the content calendar.

A recent look at analytics data and trends showed me that trying regular traffic on the weekends might be worth investing in. However, I know I don’t consistently get enough content in to fill an entire weekend.

So, with a few exceptions, I’ve decided to devote the weekends to content I develop myself. Saturdays are a bit in flux, and may still have some special events, but every Sunday will be held aside just for me to check in with you, those who use this site, and get to better know the author behind the scenes – just like I strive for you to better get to know the authors of the books highlighted with the content I provide.

There are no ground rules. I may formally talk about my thoughts on specific elements of the art and craft of writing. I might take the week to vent about how I’m stuck with writer’s block on something. Perhaps, depending on how I’m feeling, I might explore something completely different with you.

I do guarantee it won’t be as predictable as starting off everything with “It was a dark and stormy night…”

Until next week,



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