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Reason for Concern: Mrs. B Mystery by Anita KulinaReason for Concern: Mrs. B Mystery by Anita Kulina

Publisher:  Brandt Street Press (August, 2019)
Category: Cozy Mystery, Women Sleuths
Tour dates: October & November, 2019
Available in Print and ebook, 240 pages
Reason For Concern

Description Reason for Concern: Mrs. B Mystery by Anita Kulina

Mrs. B is back on the case with a new mystery to solve!

People don’t vanish into thin air.  Yet no one has seen Alice since St. Mary’s Senior Center had their Supper Club outing on Sunday.  As Mrs. B learns more about her friend, the disappearance seems to involve a burglary, an emerald necklace and maybe even a motorcycle gang.

Where in heaven’s name is Alice?


Guest Review by Sol A. of Reason for Concern: Mrs. B Mystery by Anita Kulina

‘Reason For Concern’ is the second book in the Mrs. B mystery series by Anita Kulina. When a local woman goes missing from the senior center, the cause is unclear. Did she simply wander off? Or was she taken? For Mrs. B, the mystery is not just puzzling but personal. The missing woman, Alice was her friend and Mrs. B intends to find out exactly what happened to Alice on that sunny day when she failed to emerge from the senior center. But where is the woman? And what does her disappearance have to do with a missing emerald necklace? These are all questions that are answered within the story but, of course, I won’t be answering them here.

Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed this little mystery. It satisfied my ever-present craving for a quirky detective mystery with a town full of zany residents and just enough intrigue to keep me guessing. Having never read this author before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was more than pleasantly surprised by her writing and her plotting.

Kulina is a master of the genre and someone I will eagerly be looking forward to hearing more from in the future. I loved the way she approached writing the perspective of Mrs. B. I really felt that I connected with the character and wanted her to succeed on her quest to find her friend. I loved that the author used seniors as the protagonists of the book and gave them vitality and interesting goals. I can’t think of another mystery that I’ve read that has done that. This book was wonderfully well-crafted, the side-characters were all fleshed out and I loved the resolution of the mystery at the end. I highly recommend this to anyone that loves a good mystery. I give this book 5 stars!

Praise Question of Devotion: Mrs. B Mystery by Anita Kulina

“I found it captivating and funny how one elderly lady’s typical life changes from doing games at a senior center to investigating a crime.
The characters including Mrs. B are believable. For fans of The Murder She Wrote, Piriot, and Columbo, readers will love this book. I was engaged, entertained, and can’t wait for the next installment. Mrs. B is my new favorite lady detective. Smart, brave, and funny. Overall, I recommend A Question of Devotion to all.”-Danielle Urban of Urban Book Reviews

“This is a wonderful cozy mystery. Mrs. B is a sweet little old lady that knows everyone and everyone knows her. Most people might not think of her as a detective but that is not going to stop her search for the truth. I loved reading about her bumbling around on the internet. But I loved the interaction between her and Kelly.
If you like cozy mysteries look no further. This one has a great story and some hair raising events. I will be looking forward to other books in this series.”-Jessica Bronder of J Bronder Book Reviews

“I adored A Question of Devotion and Mrs. B. It’s my goal to be Mrs. B when I “grow up. The mystery in A Question of Devotion is shockingly not a murder! However, it was a nice change to have a mystery that involved a robbery rather than your typical cozy mystery book murder. Mrs. B gets involved because the man accused of the crime is her good friend’s son. With some quick deduction, Mrs. B is able to help her friend. Along the way, you’ll meet some interesting characters at the senior center, and you’ll feel like you’re part of the story through the way the author describes this neighborhood. I definitely recommend A Question of Devotion to all of you cozy mystery fans! This one’s a keeper. I can’t wait for more Mrs. B.”-Christy of Christy’s Cozy Corners

“You know the warm glow you get from drinking a cup of hot tea or coffee? This book will warm your insides in the same way. For those of you who love frogs as much as I do, how about the pleasure you get from listening to the spring peepers at the beginning of each spring? Reading this book gives one the same feeling. Hmm. Is there such a thing as a warm, comforting mystery? If so, this one definitely falls into that category.”-Lisa of Lisa’s Writopia

Achievement in Literature award from the Community of Hazelwood (in Pittsburgh PA)

Interview with the Author

What initially got you interested in writing?

That’s a difficult question for me to answer because I don’t remember when I wasn’t interested in writing.   I think it started in third grade.  I especially gravitated toward poetry.  I loved meter, I loved the rhythm and the music in words.  I even wrote a poem and got it published in a comic book.

How did you decide to make the move into being a published author?

I lived in a Pittsburgh neighborhood with a rich history that no one had ever put into book form.  One day while I was walking home from work, over a bridge with a highway below, I looked down and wondered what that view would have been hundreds of years ago.  I started doing research and eventually I had enough material for my first book, Millhunks and Renegades.

What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?

More than anything else, I want people to have a good time reading my books.  Whether it’s a woman in a business suit riding a bus to work, a man relaxing on his porch in his sweatpants, or a teenager reading in study hall, I want them to enjoy visiting Mrs. B’s world.

What do you find most rewarding about writing?

I love the writing itself.  Creating characters, coming up with a plot line, writing a first draft, reviewing and revising…I love all of it.

What do you find most challenging about writing?

I have so many projects that sometimes it’s difficult to decide which to work on!

What advice would you give to people want to enter the field?

Find a writer whose work you admire.  Read one of their books just for the enjoyment of it.  Then read the same book again, this time to learn.  How did the writer make the characters seem real?  How did they create a sense of place?  What was the pace of the story, and how did the writer make that happen?

What ways can readers connect with you?

I’m always happy to hear from readers.  Feel free to email me personally at

About Anita KulinaReason for Concern by Anita Kulina

Anita Kulina has been writing since she was nine years old and kneeling, pencil in hand, at the coffee table in a house very much like Mrs. B’s.  Nowadays, she writes mystery books.  When she’s not writing, she helps people tell their family stories.  Anita’s other books are Millhunks and Renegades and A Question of Devotion: A Mrs. B Mystery.


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