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Guest Post from the Author

What are you ready to start?


It’s time to pick up the pen again. The urge has returned. I’ve spent my last few months either editing my upcoming release, editing the next book due in the spring, or marketing. Not that these things aren’t fun or don’t have merit. They certainly do. Everything has its moment.

For those of you who have read my work, you know my books are all connected. My initial trilogy has a connection to books four, five and six, which are sort of a sister series to the trilogy. My goal is to merge the two series in the seventh book. Somewhat of a daunting task to say the least. There’s a lot of characters to consider and I want to use them all to the best possible advantage. It will be challenging.

So how do I do it? You may have heard the terms plotter vs pantser. There are writers who outline everything before ever venturing to put the first word on paper (plotter) and there are those who write on the fly and just see what happens (pantser). I think I’m sort of a cross between the two. I have a basic outline to follow and I know where I’m headed, but when I start to write, I’m open to whatever shows up. I find a lot of the time, whatever appears usually works very well. Some of my best characters just popped into my head while I was writing. I think that’s why I don’t like to plot too much. I like to leave a little space open for something new to appear.

Many people ask how I get my ideas. How do I come up with these stories and keep track of all the twists and turns? Some of the twists and turns are in my head as I begin to write, and I know how I want the story to end, but what happens in the middle can always change on the fly. This is probably why I rarely have issues with writer’s block. I sit and write, even if I’m unsure and I think it’s bad, it doesn’t matter. I have a delete button, you know? But if I just begin and let the energy run through me and give it an outlet, it starts to move, and within a paragraph, it gains momentum and I’m off.

I suspect that’s true for most. You just need to get started. Don’t wait for the idea or the plan to be fully formed before beginning. You may not even have a plan at all. Just start. Give some space for your idea to take shape. Give it room to grow. This post is an example. I didn’t really know what I wanted to talk about or what the message was, but I knew if I started something, it would show up. So here I am talking about getting the energy moving, when I stated with talking about writing my next book. Somehow it comes together.

I don’t know what’s going to happen when I sit down and put words to laptop for a new book. All I have are my initial ideas which I’ve noted on paper. Nothing set in stone, but enough for me to get the juices flowing. Then I just begin. And that’s when the magic happens. I’ve done this with all of my books, and it’s funny because I realize after I write the book that despite whatever jotted notes I’ve taken, I never looked back on any of them. I didn’t need them. They helped me to start, but once I did, the story took over from there. Can any of you relate? Is there something you’ve got swirling in your head, and you’re ready to create?

Comment below and let me know what projects you’re ready to start on. Do you want to write? Are you stuck? Maybe it’s time to just pull the trigger and see what happens. You may surprise yourself.


About the Author

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, J. T. Bishop began writing in 2012. Inspired by a video that theorized the meaning of the end of the Mayan calendar, J. T. began the Red-Line trilogy. The video surmised that the earth was the central hub of activity for extraterrestrials thousands of years ago. J.T. didn’t know whether that was true or not, but it did spawn an idea. What if those extraterrestrials were still here? Two years and a lot of work later, the first three Red-Line books were complete, but she’s not done. The Red-Line saga develops as she continues to write new books.


Website URL: https://jtbishopauthor.com/

Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/jtbishopauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jtbishopauthor

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/judybishop99?trk=hp-identity-name


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