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A Fatal Twist
by Tracy Weber

…a funny story and the author does a wonderful job with the characters and scenes.
~Bab’s Book Bistro


A Fatal Twist (A Downward Dog Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
4th in Series
Midnight Ink (January 8, 2017)
Paperback: 312 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0738748788


Yoga instructor Kate Davidson’s life takes a chaotic turn once she agrees to not only be the doula for her pregnant best friend, but also play foster mother to two puppies. The chaos only gets worse when Kate finds the dead body of a philandering fertility doctor and Rachel, one of her yoga students, fleeing the scene.

Kate is convinced her student is innocent, and she sets out to find the real killer before her testimony condemns Rachel to a life behind bars. But her hands are full with caring for three dogs, teaching yoga classes, and gaining an unexpected crime-solving partner. If she’s not careful, Kate’s next yoga pose may be a fatal one.


Tracy: I’m delighted to be here on Pulp and Mystery Shelf today speaking with Kate Davidson, the yoga teacher/sleuth of my Downward Dog Mystery series and the protagonist of my most recent book, A Fatal Twist. Kate, why don’t you tell our readers about yourself?

Kate: Protagonist? Sheesh, Tracy. After the amount of time we’ve spent together during the past four years, I think of us as friends!

I’m a yoga teacher and the owner of Serenity Yoga in Seattle, Washington. I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life, and I’m a Pacific Northwest girl through and through. I’m also my 100-pound German shepherd’s devoted slave. Chasing after murderers is simply an unlucky sideline.

Tracy: Let’s talk about Bella. What’s it like owning a hundred-pound special needs German shepherd?

Kate: You think I own Bella? That’s funny! If anything, Bella owns me! I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that living with Bella is challenging, especially since she doesn’t like bearded men or other dogs. But Bella is the love of my life. She has changed my life, in every way for the better. I’d be lost without her.


Tracy: Bella’s not the only one with an aversion to beards …


Kate (laughing): Definitely not. Pogonophobia—the irrational fear of beards—has plagued me since I was a preschooler. As a child, I purposefully misbehaved so that Santa wouldn’t come to my house on Christmas Eve. I’m getting better, though, especially since I discovered my fear’s origins in Karma’s a Killer.

Tracy: Is there anything Bella would like to tell our readers?

Kate: Unfortunately, Bella understands a lot more English than I do German shepherd, so I’ll have to make some assumptions. But I think she’d tell people that even though she has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (a lifelong digestive disorder), she’s happy, feels great, and has an awesome life. She’d also encourage your human readers to adopt special needs animals.

As for your canine readers, she’d tell them to stay the heck away from her house, her yoga studio, and me. I’m her best-trained slave, and she’s not willing to share me.

And I know Bella would have this special message for the brown-suited, box-carrying psycho-killer that drives the UPS truck:  “I have my eye on you. One false move and I’ll be having delivery man for dinner.”

Tracy: I’ll bet she would. Thanks for taking time to join us today, Kate. I’d tell you to stay out of trouble, but we both know that will never happen. So I guess I’ll just say, have fun!

Kate: You too, Tracy. I’d like to put in a plug for you before I leave. I know how much you love connecting with readers. So if you’re reading this post, you can keep in touch with Tracy by sending her an email at Tracy@WholeLifeYoga.com. She’d love to hear from you!



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About The Author

Tracy Weber is the author of the award-winning Downward Dog Mysteries series featuring yoga teacher Kate Davidson and her feisty German shepherd, Bella. Tracy loves sharing her passion for yoga and animals in any form possible. Her first book, Murder Strikes a Pose won the Maxwell Award for Fiction and is a 2015 Agatha award nominee for Best First Novel.

Tracy and her husband live in Seattle with their challenging yet amazing German shepherd Tasha. When she’s not writing, Tracy spends her time teaching yoga, walking Tasha, and sipping Blackthorn cider at her favorite ale house.

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