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BEYOND THE SHELF is general commentary about the blog or the mystery and crime writing business by author and site administrator Shannon Muir that doesn’t fall in the scope of a regular column. This week’s topic talks about the piece she’s decided to focus on next for SHORTS FROM THE SHELF.

I finally got focused on a short story. I’ll be sharing it with you soon, for a run over three weekends. It revisits a character I wrote about before I got more into mystery, reorienting the character I worked with before.


The name of this upcoming SHORTS FROM THE SHELF is “Mysteries of the Phoenix”. If you know my past work at all, the title will make it pretty clear who the lead character is. Revisiting her a few years in the future proved both an interesting challenge and a great exploration.


I hope you enjoy it.


See you back with this column on Saturdays after the conclusion of “Mysteries of the Phoenix”.

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