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BEYOND THE SHELF is general commentary about the blog or the mystery and crime writing business by author and site administrator Shannon Muir that doesn’t fall in the scope of a regular column. Today is a notice about books available starting next week in a Smashwords coupon promo.

Several books related to SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF will be FREE via Smashwords coupon beginning August 10th through September 16th.

They are:

The Pulp and Mystery Shelf: My Introduction to Genre and Mystery Fiction

The Pulp and Mystery Shelf Thoughts From The Shelf: Includes Expanded Commentary Plus The Pulp and Mystery Shelf Shorts from the Shelf

Dying With Her Name in Lights

Eternal Encore and other Mysteries of the Heart

Visit the links above to get the coupon codes to pick them up for free once they go live AUGUST 10TH, 2020.

Happy reading!

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