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About the Book

Eric Horton sees fire.


When he sleeps, he dreams of a world screaming in the midst of devastating explosions. These dreams terrify him, and as more strange happenings unfold around him, he’s unable to shake the feeling that what he’s seeing isn’t just a dream.


When a new student, Renee, appears in his science class, he could swear he’s known her forever. But how could that be? As they get to know each other, he meets her father, who explains the experiments he’s been conducting involving “the Universal Energy Field” and “Collective Consciousness”—two things Eric has never heard of before. They seem to be tied to the idea that we are all connected by the same energy and are all more powerful than we realize. Eric begins to learn more about these groundbreaking concepts—but can they be real?


As his life continues to shift and his knowledge of the Field increases, Eric will be tested beyond anything he’s experienced before. He must decide whether he believes in that part of himself which ties him to the world around him, and he must access it—or lose everything he’s been working to keep.

Post by the Author


  1. I initially became interested in writing when my children were in middle school and started reading all the books I loved as a child. I started getting ideas for stories of my own and decided to write them down. My initial attempts were rough, but I kept at it!
  2. I write young adult, mostly science fiction/paranormal. My first novel, Indian Summer, is middle grade magical realism, though.
  3. I have a degree in biology and am a self-avowed science geek and incorporate true science in my novels. There is so much we don’t know about the Universe. Science is exploring some of the most incredible ideas! I think including them in my novels is a way to introduce these concepts to teens. I was watching a science show recently that said we know more about the planet Mars than we do about the deepest part of the oceans on Earth. I like exploring what if’s.
  4. My former husband was in publishing and we decided to start our own publishing company. We published our own novels and works of other authors of literary and YA fiction. We eventually shut down the company and Brown Books Publishing Group expressed interest in re-issuing my novels. They started with the second book chronologically, The Field, and are releasing Catalyst in 2020 which has never been published. Brown Books really gets my books and I am so happy to be working with them!
  5. My novels have an environmental theme in addition to the science theme. I hope readers will take away that we are caretakers of planet Earth, not put here to simply use her resources, but to ensure they last for generations to come. I also hope that the ideas I present cause readers to think beyond what they think they know to be true. To question and explore and seek new answers to their questions.
  6. I love to create. In addition to writing, I also sew, knit, paint, am a fiber artist, love to cook and garden. I consider myself a ‘maker’. When I write, I see pictures in my head of what my characters are seeing and doing. The characters and the story become real for me. It is incredibly rewarding to create something real out of the ideas in my head.
  7. The most challenging aspect of writing for me is finding the time to do it. I have a fulltime job and am busy promoting The Field. I try to write on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but don’t always have that time available. I am a pretty task oriented and organized person, but there are only so many hours in the day!!
  8. Never, never, never give up! Keep writing and submitting your work. Go to writers’ conferences to learn form experienced writers and meet editors and agents. Writing is a discipline. Don’t listen to people who say you can’t do it.
  9. I read a lot of different genres. I particularly like YA fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, but I also read adult fiction, mysteries, science, spirituality and self-help. I have to-be-read piles a mile high!!
  10. My website has my bio and detailed info about my books and what I’m doing. My blog has lots of posts about topics that I find interesting. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


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About the Author

Tracy wasn’t always a writer, but she was always a reader. Her favorite book growing up was A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. In a weird way her life reflects the book through odd synchronicities. She has a degree in Biology like Mrs. Murry and without realizing it she named her children Alex and Katie after Meg’s parents. (Really, it was not intentional, because that would be weird)! Tracy uses her science background in her writing through her emphasis on environment issues and metaphysics. Tracy lives in Indianapolis.




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