SHORTS FROM THE SHELF features short serialized fiction by author Shannon Muir, administrator of SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF, that may be later released as part of e-book or print collections. The story line featured currently is “Darque Into Light,” the seventh and final installment of the Myanna Moore serial, which will run over the next several weekends. This is Part Six.

As they chased after Donnell, turning Darque’s puzzle of hide and seek into a chaotic race, Myanna tried to get to the bottom of what her mentor might have been looking into all this for. She knew J.B. did not pursue things without reason. Also, J.B. should be retired now. None of it made any sense.

“How did you know all that about Darque? More importantly, how did you know you were right?”

J.B. tried for so long to keep things a secret, to protect Champ as best he could. It wasn’t her fault she’d been born Darque’s daughter. Caring about Champ meant sacrifices, deep dark sacrifies he hoped never to share.

“I found out when looking into Eavan and Eamon.”

Myanna remembered growing up with the twins in the foster system. Eamon met an untimely young death, while Eavan ended up a mysterious murder victim on the front page of the media.

“Why would you have been doing that, J.B.?”

Myanna dreaded the answer.

“I wanted to shield you from the truths you now know. Eavan threatened to let you know everything, not out of kindness, but to her own ends. I had to do something about it.”

Myanna abruptly stopped short, as did everyone following behind her and J.B.

“You’re the one that killed Eavan?!?”

“She threatened you, Champ. It was you or her. You know what choice I’d make every time.”

Just then, Darque’s twisted voice came over the loudspeakers again.

“Oh, you are so poor at this game! Except Donnell, who found me first. Looks like you need a little incentive to get into the game. I give you twenty minutes to find me, or Donnell gets it.”

“How do we know you aren’t lying?” Myanna yelled to the empty room. She’d need to deal with J.B. later.

“Perhaps if you heard for yourself.”

They all heard Donnell over the speaker.

“Myanna, it’s a trap and you know it. Save yourselves. Take care of my son. Leave me behind. After all I did to you, I don’t deserve to be saved.”

Myanna disagreed. No one else she counted friend or family would lose a life today, not on her watch. She signaled to the others towards the doorway ahead.

“Let’s go.”


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