SHORTS FROM THE SHELF features short serialized fiction by author Shannon Muir, administrator of SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF, that may be later released as part of e-book or print collections. The story line featured currently is “Doonah Cross Me,” a prequel for the character of Doonah Cross who premiered on Wattpad last year that will run over the next several days. This is Part Three.

Just then, Doonah’s father’s car pulled into the drive. He saw Doonah and Mathilda together and looked oddly embarrassed.

“Oh hi, Mattie,” Noah said, and again Doonah noted the strong familiarity between them. However, her father never mentioned this Mattie person to her. “I see you’ve met Doonah.”

Again, her father did not say his daughter Doonah, implying the woman already knew who she was.

“I have,” the woman replied nervously.

Noah turned to Doonah.

“Hey sweetie, I thought you were staying late practicing with Tarran.”

“It’s over. Done. Finished. He’s off performing and messing around with some other girl. I’ve given him slack before because I couldn’t prove anything. But this time, Dad, I got the goods. I’m tired of people lying to me.”

Doonah very much intended that as a hint to her father that now would be an extremely good time to come clean about whoever this Mattie person is and why he was so comfortable with her. Doonah had some suspicions, and honestly she wouldn’t mind being correct, but she didn’t want to have to poke around and find the truth like she had with her dishonest best friend.

“Let’s all go inside,” Doonah’s father said. “I’m sure we’ll be somewhat more comfortable there.”

Doonah noted his use of the word somewhat. That meant whatever came next would not be easy.

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