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For those who don’t follow me outside of The Pulp and Mystery Shelf, you may not be aware I have my own author WordPress site at, or that for over five years I’ve run an eclectic book blog called INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS.

The success of this blog, and the desire to not juggle programming five days a week for two sites, led me late this summer to the decision to fold INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS into a weekly column for book features on my author site. Generally, this worked out pretty well. However, INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS featured a YOUNG ADULT FRIDAYS area where multiple YA books would be featured.

As you may have noticed before, I also have had a number of Young Adult and New Adult books featured Fridays here at FRIDAY SF & FANTASY. Truthfully, that’s where a lot of those genre of books are being done these days on the blog circuit – though I welcome featuring any type of SF or Fantasy. Just because I haven’t had hard SF or epic fantasy doesn’t mean I wouldn’t; it just hasn’t been offered. By the way, if you’d like to submit your SF & Fantasy to be featured, the same general guidelines as apply and I would love to hear from you, in particular for a special event I hope to stage from November 20th to 24, 2017, contingent on enough responses.

A guideline I have had at THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF is that except in extreme circumstances (or scheduling snafus or makegoods), only one post runs a day. I am going to start changing this with FRIDAY SF & FANTASY as it only runs once a week versus crime/mystery/thriller getting the Monday through Wednesday spots. For FRIDAY SF & FANTASY, effective immediately, up to three posts may run every Friday, with interview or guest posts getting top feature. Because my suppliers that worked with me for YOUNG ADULT FRIDAYS will largely transition to working with me here, it looks like I may be able to bring you more author interviews and guest posts in the past, and I want the author’s time and effort to be rewarded in kind.

As always, thanks for the continued support.

Until next time…

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