SHANNON MUIR’S THURSDAY THOUGHTS on THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF are observations from the site administrator on her writing life, or the industry at large. Anything Shannon Muir thinks about goes – check the blog on the first Thursday of each month!


Welcome to 2018 and the first installment of SHANNON MUIR’S THURSDAY THOUGHTS.

It’s been an exciting first complete year for THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF, which celebrated its first anniversary in March 2017 and kept on going! True to the URL, mystery moved into the star player, expanding to most Thursdays in the month towards the end of the year. As previously mentioned, this will be honored with a whole February dedicated to mysteries Monday through Friday.

Don’t think that means SF and Fantasy will be left behind, though! Fitting the “pulp” side of things to show how diverse things have become since their roots, these genres will continue to normally get showcases on Fridays (when special events aren’t in progress), as well as their own specials to come.

Happy reading and see you next month!

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