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Next week, I’m the guest speaker scheduled for the October 2017 meeting of the Orange County Science Fiction Club, gathering at the Marie Callender’s in Santa Ana. It’s at 7pm on October 25, 2017, for anyone local that might be interested in attending, an invite I am passing on with permission of my contacts at the Club. Though I’ve done panel discussions as recently as last year’s LOSCON, and solo workshops at Long Beach Comic Expo, this is my first talk in a smaller venue.

I’m very excited to get an opportunity like this, though it will be also a challenge for me. In a group, I feel like I can bounce off other people, and to be honest more often than not I’m the moderator anyway in those cases. For a workshop at a convention, I’m far more in control of the clock because people have come to something where they don’t know what to expect and I’m leading them.

In a situation like this, I am the guest and need to fit in with the routine of the group that invited me. During the talk, I will need to more fluidly gauge their interests and customize my talk to them as I go, as there will be more of a sense of questions throughout versus all the interaction towards the end as with con panels.

Eagerly, I look forward to next week, where I plan to discuss my writing and animation work in science fiction and fantasy, my experiences with social media and running THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF, and whatever else they want to learn.

Look forward to seeing anyone at the October 25th, 2017, gathering of the Orange County Science Fiction Club that comes!

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