Every Sunday, the feature SHANNON MUIR’S MYSTERY OF CHARACTER on SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF focuses on the art and craft of writing from Shannon’s perspective, or gives you insight on her process as an author.

This special run from February 11th through 14th is to give a taste into this regular Sunday feature. IT WILL RETURN SUNDAY, MARCH 17TH, AFTER THE “LOVE OF MYSTERY SUNDAYS” EVENT CONCLUDES.

This installment talks about showing versus telling about love, and what it means… if anything. A woman says she loves a man. She might give him gifts or take him on trips. However, these things alone may or may not mean she actually does. It can be the same with any two people.

  Often, the idea of “ways to show you care” comes up. There’s of course the old adage that actions speak louder than words. So if action alone doesn’t truly convey how one character feels about another, how can a reader determine if the actions are genuine?  

A reliable, objective narration account often solves this problem. In a first person account, readers need to see how the character treats and interacts with others to see how reliable that character is about romance… or any other subject. If a book is about a couple as its leads, how they interact with one another will reveal the true nature of their relationship, and if it is mutual.  Those are just some ways. Can you think of others?

I’ll leave you with that thought to think about until next time.

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