MYSTERY MUSINGS ON SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF bring a forum for Shannon Muir to talk to her readers every Monday. Find out when this will start, and what it is all about.

Greetings and welcome to Mystery Musings. This will be coming to you every Monday on SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF beginning in October, but for September I’ll be easing you in with spots every other week.

Therefore, I consider the official kickoff to be two weeks from today. This post is part of the “easing in” process to get you used to the new content.

Basically, it’ll be my space to communicate to you as readers of my blog whatever I’m thinking as an author in the moment, or a place to keep you up on the latest status of SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF,  especially since we are in times that seem to change from moment to moment.

As always, thank you for being along for the ride.

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