MYSTERY MUSINGS ON SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF bring a forum for Shannon Muir to talk to her readers every Monday. Find out when this will start, and what it is all about.

For a while now, I’ve run this blog with content seven days a week. The blog tours ran on weekdays, and my own content on weekends. However, with the world pace as it is, I really find I need the weekends to rest and recharge, but know I will still need a personal outlet.

Also, in the past, I’ve also traditionally taken over the Monday space for short term events, so it was the most natural one to reclaim if I discontinued weekends.

This new column will phase in by appearing every other week in September 2020, and starting October 2020, every Monday will be my space to share what is up in my world or catches my attention, and the “mystery” is you never know what the topic of the week might be.

See you then.

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