MYSTERY LEADS MID-MONTH MONDAYS FROM SHANNON MUIR’S THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF put the magnifying glass the second Monday of each month on classic detective and crime fiction.

Shannon will take the time to talk about her own personal discoveries as she looks back at the masters and lesser known writers of the past and how it can inform us as writers and readers today.

This month’s column focuses on Shannon Muir wanting to explore more of the mystery writings of G.K. Chesterson.

This past weekend, my husband I saw the movie TOLKIEN, which taught me more about Tolkien’s early life before writing THE HOBBIT than I knew before. I know biopics are not fully accurate, but it was a great jumping off point to look into what into the film was fully accurate and what was changed for screenplay’s sake.

Then, that got me thinking about Tolkien’s whole life, and how I know that later he crossed paths with authors like C.S. Lewis – who both were influenced by G.K Chesterson. The latter is important because he is the author of the FATHER BROWN mysteries. I’ve seen many episodes of the TV adaptation on PBS and enjoyed them. Now, I’m seriously thinking maybe I should pick up the text and see the differences between book and television… just like the TOLKIEN film inspired me.

Hopefully adaptations will inspire people to take a look at the original classic mysteries that inspired them.

Catch you next Monday mid-month. Until then, keep following those mystery leads!



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