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About the Book


ISBN-10: 0985208953

ISBN-13: 978-0985208950

DRS Publishing LLC; 1 edition

Paperback: 346 pages

September 7, 2017, $14.99

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Also available in ebook format

In the spring of 1867, at a makeshift graveyard in Mississippi, a work crew begins the somber task of unearthing the remains of Civil War soldiers. Found in the skeletal hand of one unidentified soldier is a US belt buckle. Believed to be a Union soldier, he is laid to rest in a Federal cemetery and honored with a Memorial Star Marker mounted on a pole at his gravesite. THE MARKER disappears from the cemetery in 1952 and remains hidden for over 64 years. When found, it becomes a conduit between its current owner and the Unknown Soldier, who pleads that his story be told. The result of this supernatural encounter reveals a history of envy, hate, and murder. These revelations bring everyone connected to THE MARKER into great peril.

Guest Post by the Author



by Diana Savastano


The idea for my novel, The Marker, came after I acquired a Civil War memorial grave marker dedicated to an unknown Union soldier. From the moment I held the historical five-star cast iron piece, I was haunted by the words write my story.


With little facts to go on, I knew the book would be a work of fiction, sprinkled with a few morsels of truth.


Before I began writing an outline, I had a strong idea of the characters and their natures. The protagonist, Jennifer Beasley (a journalist), and the antagonist (a member of the clergy) were established and began to take shape. Other secondary characters followed quickly, each with their own unique personality.


And then there were those who displayed patterns of revenge, jealousy, and greed. These were characters that gave me pause. I wondered what sort of darkness lurked within, and if it were possible for any of them to take the life of another without experiencing remorse or worry of being discovered—especially if they were members of the clergy. After all, if they didn’t know what Thou shalt not kill means, who does?


And now, join me on a brief journey as I take you back to where it all began. On a Civil War battlefield, a mysterious murder of a Confederate soldier takes place. I dug deeper (pardon the pun) and placed a US belt buckle in his skeletal hand. From there, he’s mistakenly buried in a Federal cemetery as a Union combatant.


One hundred and fifty years later, Jennifer purchases a memorial grave marker. Soon after, a supernatural connection is established between her and the soldier. He pleads with her to write his story.  This encounter leads to startling events, bringing past transgressions into the present where history is about to repeat itself.


The Marker began with a simple discovery that stirred a deep curiosity within me. Initially, I wasn’t writing about what I found as much as how one small piece of history could change the lives of everyone it touched—including mine.


Recently, l returned the marker to the Natchez VA National Cemetery in Natchez, Mississippi. And there is where fiction and truth disconnected. The marker was home, and its story would be forever etched in the realm of fiction.

About the Author

Diana began her writing career as a columnist and feature writer. She later became a food journalist and editor. In 1992, she established her own company, publishing two print magazines (The COLLECTOR Newsmagazine and Gourmet Fare). In addition, Diana was the creator and host of Cooking with Grandma. Her first book, ON THE BREATH OF ANGELS, was released in April 2008. WINDS OF POOD series (Under the Puddle and In the Blizzard) are her first middle-grade novels, followed by The Upside Down Inside Out Life of Maureen Kiernan (Book 1: The Magic Cello), The Princess Who Loved to Swim, and THE MARKER. Diana is a member of the Authors Guild and SCBWI. When she’s not roaming around Gardone Riviera (Lake Garda, Italy), she can be found in suburban Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband, Anthony.

Visit Diana at https://www.dianasavastano.com


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