Author Shannon Muir brings the second anniversary of  THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF to a close with a look forward to what’s to come!

I hope you enjoyed finding out about books every day of March 2018 here at THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF! Thank you for your support every day for the past two years.

For April, things will return pretty much back to normal, with mystery and crime on Monday through Thursday and SF and Fantasy on Friday. The only difference is that “Thursday Thoughts” will be formally retired and no longer appear the first Thursday of every month.

For overall updates on monthly thoughts of what THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF will feature, or commentaries on mystery and crime writing, be sure to follow THE PULP AND MYSTERY PREVIEW the first Tuesday of every month at my author site,

In the meantime, keep it here for author interviews, guest posts, and spotlights on mystery, crime, SF, and fantasy.

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