GET A MYSTERYCLUE is designed to be a weekly, fun column where Shannon Muir takes an idea that comes to mind and just runs with it, to see what she learns along the way. This week follows up on answering “What Does It Take to Write a Mystery?”, based on administrator Shannon Muir’s experience at California Crime Writers Conference 2019.

This week, we follow up on the previously posted question: “What Does It Take to Write a Mystery?”

If you followed my author Instagram, it gave a glimpse into what I uncovered at the California Crime Writers Conference 2019, co-presented by Sisters in Crime Los Angeles and the Southern California Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. Attending that didn’t answer all my questions, but it became very clear the items needed no matter the subgenre are a knowledge of craft, and a basic understanding of forensic techniques, in order to build credible mystery and crime stories.

While I don’t feel like I have all the answers yet, I strongly feel that going to an event like California Crime Writers Conference 2019 served as a compass to put me in the right… or “write”… direction.

I’ll tackle a new question next week. See you then!


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