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Untoward Awakening (Amethysta Trilogy #2)
by Sara Secora
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release Date: September 1st 2019


Untoward Awakening is the riveting sequel to Throne of Lies and a stepping-stone to adventure and self-discovery.

Amethysta Serelle is alone. Her loved ones are gone, and her dire secret—her unexplained magical power—now rests solely on her wary shoulders.

As she struggles to understand and harness her power, Amethysta must remain mindful of her royal obligations as heir to the Northwind throne. The balancing act proves tenuous, and with one crucial mistake, the worst outcome becomes her reality and compels her to leave everything behind.

To her fortune, a familiar face returns as her guide, and together they set out to far-off lands, traversing treacherous mountains and perilous seas, knowing that this is their final chance to alter Amethysta’s fate—and perhaps that of the entire realm. The great unknown stretches out ahead, and the ghosts of the past are never far behind… 

Purchase link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WGY1DLQ/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1 

GoFundMe for Audiobook Production: https://www.gofundme.com/f/untoward-awakening-audiobook-production 

At once, everyone threw their wood into the fire, and the hungry flames thrived, growing brighter and taller, seeming to reach the stars. The warmth emitted was pleasant enough for me to let down my hood, and I basked in it. 
I smirked at nosy Soren, then chucked my piece of wood—my desire—directly into the crackling flames. It wasn’t so much that I believed in the fables. However, occasionally, one needed to have a little faith in fantasy. It was exactly why we told these tales to our young—to keep that gleam in their eyes, the splendor that gets stolen in adulthood. But beyond the superstition, I just didn’t want anyone to know that much about me. It kept me safer, and in the same light, it kept my secret safer. 
As the wood crashed into the blaze, tossing up scads of embers and, just maybe, a single spark of hope, I silently recited what I had carved: 


To discover the truth behind who I really am and to freely be myself in all regards. 


Previous Book in the Series (click on image for Goodreads link):
About the Author
Sara Secora has a passion for all things gamer and nerdy, as evidenced on her YouTube channel, AviGaming. She is also a well-branded voice over artist.

Secora has always been in love with writing, and nearly a decade ago, she finally turned her talents to the arduous endeavor of authoring an exciting fantasy trilogy. Her whimsical stories are full of enchantment, mystique, and insight—destined to intrigue readers of any age. 

Secora lives in Detroit, Michigan, where she continues to explore old and new avenues for her talent and hard work.

Author Links:
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