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Magic and Shadows: A Collection of YA Fantasy and Paranormal Romances
by Various Authors
Genre: YA Paranormal/Fantasy
Release Date: November 7th 2017
Opal Moon Press


Magic lurks in every shadow.

Slip into darkness with 11 action-packed YA fantasy and paranormal novels. This collection has something for every lover of the mystical and mysterious—from dragons, demons, witches and vampires, to shifters, mages, and magically evolved humans—even gods from Norse and Greek mythology. 
If you love romance and adventure with a supernatural twist, don’t miss this otherworldly collection from ELEVEN bestselling and debut young adult authors—only available for a LIMITED TIME.

By: T.M. Franklin, L.C. Ireland, Kelly Hashway, JT Camp, C.A. Gray, Sheri Downing, Alex H. Singh, S. E. Walker, Catherine Banks, Shereen Vedam, and Sharon Coady


A look at what’s inside…
More by T.M. Franklin
Haunted by terrifying nightmares and certain she’s being watched, college student Ava Michaels finds an unlikely ally in physics tutor Caleb Foster. But Caleb isn’t quite what he seems. In fact, he’s not entirely human, and he’s not the only one.         
Together, the duo faces a threat from an ancient race bent on Ava’s capture, and possible extinction. As Ava fights to survive, she learns the world’s not what she thought.
It’s a little bit more.
Horrid by L.C. Ireland
Delta’s family has been cursed. To save them, she makes a deal with the Horrid Witch. If she wishes to break the curse, she must kill an innocent woman. Delta will have to choose between saving her life … and saving her soul.
Fading into the Shadows by Kelly Hashway
Ella Andrews and her best friend, Avery, travel to the world of Stellaris, where they wind up in a battle against the mythological creatures Draco, Serpens, and Scorpius. They’ll have to stop the rogue constellations before Stellaris drains the life out of them and turns them into shadows forever.
Art of Deception by JT Camp
Fallon has one more chance to prove she belongs in Hallowridge. Warren, Grainger, and Abraham are there to make sure she doesn’t. However, when plans go sideways, can Fallon step up to the plate, or will she continue to run?
The Liberty Box by C.A. Gray
The United States is now The Republic of the Americas, and the people are controlled by brainwave technology forcing them to believe that they are prosperous when in reality they are starving. A few rebels know the truth. But can they help to set the others free without losing their own lives in the process?
The Protected Prophecy by Sheri Downing
“We lived the illusion that we were safe. Maybe we beat this thing and could survive, rebuild.”
There was a bigger message behind the scourge that affected any living thing.  I’m part of an ancient prophecy that involves the oldest battle to ever exist.  Good versus evil.
Lamp of Light by Alex H. Singh
A Queen on the run for her life….
A Stepdaughter with no mercy….
The Murder of the King of Tibethia…
Only the light will prove her innocence…
Warm Spirits by S. E. Walker
Following a lead in a family heirloom, Ariel arrives at 101 Borden Street looking for answers. When her ex-boyfriend shows up, she must rely on friends from both sides of the veil to overcome her past and discover the truth of her family history.
Alys of Asgard by Catherine Banks
Alys knows her presence is throwing the balance in Asgard off-kilter. She moves to Earth, but the transition is not smooth. Soon she realizes her adopted father lied to her, and with all she thought she knew stripped away, it’s time to uncover the truth about who she really is.
Hushed by Shereen Vedam
For two long decades, TAMARA was caught up in a time spell. Awake, aware, not aging, but thoroughly silenced. Once released, she rejects any form of confinement, determined to maintain her freedom at all costs. Now a devious enemy is quietly working to ensure Tamara remains silenced forever.
Summer of Change, Elizabeth’s Story by Sharon Coady
Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth believes in magic. A book about vampires intrigues her into researching the stories. When a stranger contacts her about her haunting dreams she’s thrown into a world where vampires and magic exist along with an all out war against humans.

Get it for a LIMITED TIME: Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo.
Excerpt from Hushed by Shereen Vedam
“Put your clothes back on!” her mother said.
Eighteen-year-old Princess Tamara’s ears still rang from the door slamming shut. Left alone with her daunting mother in this torch-lit chamber, a tremor of dread swept down her spine.
How could her first time in a man’s bed have ended up with castle guards carting off her would-be lover and leaving Tamara at her mother’s mercy? And where were they taking Thyel?
Buck up! She straightened her spine. This was no time to show weakness. She defiantly dropped the bed sheet. Retrieving her shift, she dragged it over her head. Then put on her discarded amber silk gown that Thyel had passionately flung off not fifty heartbeats ago. Her fingers fumbled with the ties at her back. It was hard to focus when she wanted to rip the gown to shreds. She controlled her temper before speaking.
“How did you find me?” Was that her voice, sounding so flippant? Well done, Tamara.
Mamosia, Queen of Ryca, slowly raised one elegant eyebrow. Tamara’s mother was not fond of flippancy. But then she was not fond of her at all, lately. “Do you realize what almost happened, child?”
“I’m not a child.”
“Your actions suggest otherwise.”
Excerpt from Warm Spirits by S. E. Walker
“So, Miss Ariel, what are you plans? You have your GED and your entire life ahead of you. Are you moving in with John and climbing the Taco-Taco ladder of big business success?”
Ariel blinked back new tears. A few more days and she’d be free. No more training school with teachers, counselors, and house parents telling her what to do and when and how to do it. No more answering to anyone but herself. Her future lay before her, and she didn’t have a clue what to do with it.
Her shoulders tightened at the mention of John. John Robards was a man she would never see again if at all possible. Whipcord lean and only a few inches taller than her five-foot-four, he wasn’t a big man but threw one helluva punch. His mud brown eyes were rarely warm, instead they were muddy icicles as he barked out orders at work or his plans for their future on the rare occasion they were alone together. His hair was that nondescript shade between brown and blonde, already inching back from his forehead, just like his father’s and grandfather’s before him.
Nondescript and violent were the only way Ariel could sum John up. She refused to spend her life fearing any man. With two fingers, she traced the receding puffiness around her left eye, then the split lower lip he’d left her with just the day before. He hadn’t taken the news she was leaving very well. He’d vowed to make her stay with him, open up to him, and love him one way or another.
When words hadn’t swayed her, he’d reached out in frustration. His fist cuffing  her across the cheeks, first one way then the other cemented her wishy-washy decision into stone. Breaking up with him was the right thing to do. Hopefully she’d never see him again after her last work shift tomorrow night.
“I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but John is definitely out of the picture.” She hadn’t told Rebecca about her last encounter with the twenty-four-year-old man who’d singled her out for his attentions during her first week of working at Taco-Taco. He’d pursued her though she’d given him no reason to think she was interested. Hopefully by disappearing he would give up and find a new hobby, like boxing in a ring with opponents his own size, instead of using his latest girlfriend as a punching bag.
Staring down at the table, the porch and the woman flashed through her mind’s eye. “Maybe I’ll try Goldsboro. See if the house is still standing on Borden Street. There might be a tie between this picture and my family. At least I won’t be in Asheville.”
“But your job? And John?”
“Fast food places are always looking for hard workers. Finding a job shouldn’t be a problem. After all, haven’t you been telling me for two years that hard work will get me anywhere I want to go in life?”
Ariel didn’t want to discuss the future. It was out there, but like Scarlett O’Hara, another Southern lady who knew about hard work and disappointment, she would face it tomorrow. At eighteen, she had limited experience and virtually no training for any career. “I’d better get back to school. I need to do some packing and work on my resume before lights out. You know how Mrs. Franklin is about curfew. I’d hate to get demerits for being late my last week.”
While Rebecca paid the bill, Ariel’s hand drifted to the bottom of her oversized quilted bag and touched the antique leather case. Goldsboro felt right. In the morning, she’d call the bus station about a bus heading east.

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