Dagana: The Last Mermaid
by Kody Boye
Genre: Fantasy Thriller
I have always loved the ocean. Beautiful and tranquil, it seems like it can do absolutely no harm.
Until the night my parents go missing, and then are subsequently found dead.
Both have been viciously mauled by something off the Gulf—something even the medical examiner claims is an ‘unknown animal.’ But the worst part? I swear I saw something in the water the night they were both killed.
But this is no chance occurrence. As the body count begins to rise, and as more tragedies unfold, I realize that something has to be done.
Someone has to hunt down, and kill, the monster of Mermaid Cove.
That someone is me.

Guest Post by the Author

What I learned while writing Dagana


Hello everyone!


My name is Kody Boye, and while writing my novel Dagana: The Last Mermaid, I learned a few interesting things about the ocean, currents, and the impact pollution has on the environment. I’m here to share three of those things.


  1. Some “Rip” Currents will carry you back to shore.


While many people ultimately drown in the ocean, especially from “rip” currents, the fact is that most people drown because they panic. In this video by (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QhxxXGPlJU) Surf Life Saving Australia, you can find helpful tips on how you can increase your chances of survival if you ever end up in one of them.


  1. The Gulf of Mexico is home to 29 marine mammal species


According to TreeHugger.com (https://www.treehugger.com/natural-sciences/48-facts-you-should-know-about-the-gulf-of-mexico-from-sunken-ships-to-ancient-corals.html), there are there are around 29 species of mammals that exist in the Gulf of Mexico (which is where my novel Dagana takes place.)


And finally:


  1. Fertilizer can run into rivers, and pollute the ocean


According to Leisurepro.com (https://www.leisurepro.com/blog/ocean-news/damaging-effects-fertilizers-marine-ecosystems/) fertilizer from fields runs off into rivers, which then reaches the ocean. These nutrients can cause explosions of certain types of  algae, which in turn produces chemicals that can harm marine life.


Researching for Dagana was quite interesting, and allowed me to see the diversity of wildlife in the Southeast Texas region in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s definitely interesting stuff for sure!


* * *


Want to read Dagana: The Last Mermaid?


The novel is available on Amazon in eBook format, as well as in stunning audiobook and as a beautiful paperback.


Visit www.kodyboye.com for more information.

Author Bio

Though he was born and raised in Southeastern Idaho, Kody Boye has lived in the state of Texas since 2010. His first short story, [A] Prom Queen’s Revenge, was published at the age of fourteen. He has since gone on to publish numerous works of fiction, including the young-adult novels When They Came, The Beautiful Ones, The Midnight Spell and ALT CONTROL ENTER, as well as fiction for adults. He currently lives and writes in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. He is in the process of obtaining an undergraduate in creative writing and plans to pursue an MFA to teach afterward.
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