The MYANNA MOORE: HAUNTED BY THE TRUTH serial fiction presented by PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF, written by administrator Shannon Muir,  now has its first full installments available for purchase in e-book form. In addition to the episode as it first appeared on the Tumblr site, each includes stories, novellas, or novels that take place in the same world as Myanna Moore. Most of these materials were previously released, but marketed in a different manner. The backing materials in what will be episodes Five and Six of the six-episode arc will contain never before released novels.

Each installment is 99 cents USD.

Find out more about Epsiodes One and Two and where to purchase them!



Myanna Moore: Haunted by the Truth Episode One – “The Many Lives of Myanna Moore” (Pulp and Mystery Shelf Web Serial Compilations)

Myanna Moore became a private investigator to help others after untangling the webs of her own complicated childhood. She thought all of her own personal issues had been resolved, but new clues surface to show her this is far from the case when Myanna is approached to take the case of a couple seeking emotional closure over the fate of a foster child they cared about. This is the original sixteen part serial plus epilogue as it originally ran, plus a new prologue. Also included are three previously published short stories that take place in Myanna’s world.


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Myanna Moore: Haunted by the Truth Episode Two – “Ghosts of the Past” (Pulp and Mystery Shelf Web Serial Compilations)

The second ininstallmentof the Myanna Moore web seriacompilationon finds Myanna headed back to the old estate where the grandparents of the woman who raised her committed terrible and twisted acts. While going to piece together the mystery of her own past, she finds someone else with questions about her own life and eager to get the answers. The backing story to this collection is SEEDS OF TRUTH, a prequel novella set-up for the life of Firinne “Truth” Knox, the woman who raised Myanna and would ultimately take her on an adventure that changed her adult life forever.


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