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The Silver Gun (An Art Deco Mystery)
by L.A. Chandlar

About the Book

The Silver Gun (An Art Deco Mystery) by L.A. Chandlar
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Kensington (August 29, 2017)
Paperback: 336 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1496713414
Digital ASIN: B01MQSAJO7

New York City, 1936. In the midst of the Great Depression, the Big Apple is defiantly striving toward an era infused with art, architecture, and economic progress under the dynamic Mayor La Guardia. But those in City Hall know that tumultuous times can inspire both optimism and deadly danger . . .

It’s been six months since Lane Sanders was appointed Mayor Fiorello “Fio” La Guardia’s new personal aide, and the twenty-three-year-old is sprinting in her Mary Janes to match her boss’s pace. Despite dealing with vitriol from the Tammany Hall political machine and managing endless revitalization efforts, Fio hasn’t slowed down a bit during his years in office. And luckily for Lane, his unpredictable antics are a welcome distraction from the childhood memories that haunt her dreams—and the silver gun she’ll never forget.

When Lane gets attacked and threatened by an assailant tied to one of most notorious gangsters in the city, even the mayor can’t promise her safety. The corrupt city officials seem to be using Lane as a pawn against Fio for disgracing their party in the prior election. But why was the assailant wielding the exact same gun from her nightmares?

Balancing a clandestine love affair and a mounting list of suspects, Lane must figure out how the secrets of her past are connected to the city’s underground crime network—before someone pulls the trigger on the most explosive revenge plot in New York history . . .

Character Guest Post

I’m Lane’s sleuthing partner, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Roarke Channing. I’m an investigative reporter, and my fervor for a good story knows no bounds. I’m always on the prowl. And Lane’s boss, the 99th mayor of New York City always gives us reporters a run for the money. In fact, we often camp out across from City Hall just waiting. He never ceases to please.


One time, we all followed him up to Bronx Terminal Market, where the notorious gangster, Ciro Terranova had his command central. He was also known at the Artichoke King – had a monopoly on artichokes. Fiorello dug up some arcane law that cited that in an emergency, the mayor had the power to stop food distribution. So on Christmas Eve morning, Fiorello got a fleet of police cars lined up and we reporters just knew that a good story was about to happen. We all followed him as fast as we could, only to arrive to witness Fiorello unrolling a lordly scroll with two trumpeters majestically accompanying his kingly actions. He declared the Artichoke King shut down. While the gangster’s lawyers scrambled to fight what they knew was a publicity stunt –and it was—Fiorello had West Coast artichoke distributors flood the market. The prices immediately went down and there was to be no more Artichoke King. I thought I might die laughing right then and there as soon as I saw him, his five-foot-two personage unrolling that scroll!


But Lane herself is just as interesting. I wonder sometimes about her history. I think she has some demons to face. In fact, this fall I know she’s planning a trip back to her home town in Michigan to face some of those ghosts. And there are a couple of characters I’m not too sure about. That Finn guy might be trouble. But then again, he and Lane have quite a bond. There’s also a guy called Tucker on the scene – I wonder if he’ll stick around.


I really like my author. Even though she gave me dimples – I despise my dimples. She’s funny. She gives me some high adventure and great banter with Lane. I always like a good laugh. Plus, I get a lot of dancing scenes. Boy, these days –the 1930s– are full of amazing music. The Savoy is our favorite place to go dancing. Readers will hear more about that amazing place in book 3. I saw Clark Gable there once! And let me tell ya about the cocktails! Boy oh boy. And I do enjoy my pinstripe suits and fantastic hats. Like all characters in books, I do have fears about how long the author will have me around. But I don’t think Laurie will kill me off. Fingers crossed!


Something no one knows about me, is that the author has a good romance for me that will come around the bend soon. I tend to not have any big romantic interests right off the bat, nothing ever really takes. Some people think I should end up with Lane. But for now, finding the next big scoop is what motivates me. That is, until I eventually meet someone who becomes a good friend and someone I end up mentoring on the sly. But be quiet about this, no one is supposed to see that coming yet. We’ll see!

Come and hang out with us in The Art Deco Mystery series! It’s the bees knees. The cocktails, the glittering city, the music and art, the adventure, and the delight of life itself… Come join us. Hope to see you there!

About the Author

L .A. Chandlar is the author of the Art Deco Mystery Series with Kensington Publishing featuring Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and a fresh take on the innovation and liveliness of 1930s New York City. Her debut novel, The Silver Gun released August 29, 2017, and the sequel, The Gold Pawn, will release September 25th, 2018. Laurie has been living and writing in New York City for 16 years and has been speaking for a wide variety of audiences for over 20 years including a women’s group with the United Nations. Her talks range from NYC history, the psychology of creativity, and the history of holiday traditions. Laurie has also worked in PR for General Motors, writes and fund-raises for a global nonprofit is the mother of two boys, and has toured the nation managing a rock band.

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4 thoughts on “BLOG TOUR – The Silver Gun

  1. Kay Garrett

    Thank you for the information on “The Silver Gun” by L.A. Chandlar and for being part of the book tour. I enjoyed reading the character guest post with Roarke Channing.

    I now have this book on my TBR list and would love the opportunity to read it.

  2. Jana Leah

    This is such a fascinating time period. Looking forward to reading Lane’s (& Roarke’s) adventures.

  3. Darla

    You had me intrigued at Art Deco! Also I’m twenty three and like reading about people the same age as me, it’s not necessary just fun when it happens.

  4. L.A. Chandlar

    I loved being on this blog!! Thanks so much!

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