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About the Book

ISBN-10: 1092786333

ISBN-13: 978-1092786331

Charlie Mike Enterprises

Paperback: 374 pages

April 5, 2019, $15.99

Genre: police procedural

Series: Sentinel’s Series (Book 2)



Also available in Kindle


After losing his leg in a vicious life or death fight, Dallas Police Detective Sgt. Rene LaFleet must cope not only with the loss of his leg, but also the agonizing decision to stay in law enforcement. Always in the front of his mind is the question, can he still do the job, or worse, is he going to get himself or someone else killed? Struggling with this dilemma does not put crime on hold. LaFleet and his team of highly skilled detectives must track down a serial rapist, and a serial killer that by all indications are working together.

Interview with the Author

What initially got you interested in writing? – My first publications were SWAT instruction manuals, Then over the years as a SWAT instructor to police departments, word got out about my courses and several different SWAT magazines requested that I write some articles on SWAT training issues. Mixed in with theses were the random presentations at writers conferences about various law enforcement protocols.


What genres do you write in?  – The Sentinel’s Series are mystery thrillers. I am currently working on another series in which the genres is encouragement / guidance for warriors in both the temporal world and the spiritual level. I think this series will be called “Teachings of the Grey Warrior”


What drew you to writing theses specific genres?  – Life experiences. These span from my early years as a US Marine to the  years I served as a Dallas police officer, as well as the amputation of my leg due to an on duty injury. The best moments in life and the incredibly painful parts of life all contribute their part in some way to my stories.


How did you break into the field?  – When I did presentations at the writers conferences I was always asked if I had written any books. When I said no I was told that I should get busy. More than one person told me that I had some great stories to tell and that if I was not writing about them someone else would. So with PJ Nunn’s encouragement and help I got busy!


What do you want readers to take away from reading your works?  – There is a number of things that come to mind. There is the obvious struggle the protagonist faces in choices he has to make in the first book and the dilemma he finds himself n in the second book, but in addition to these I hope the reader gets some insight into what Police officers and detectives go through. From the humor that helps them cope with the bad they see every day to  the strength they find in each other and give to each other.


What do you find most rewarding about writing  ?  – With out a doubt,  it is the enjoyment people tell me they got from reading my story.  That is truly my greatest reward.


What do you find most challenging about writing?  – That would definitely be “MAKING TIME”. With the schedule I have for teaching SWAT courses it gets hard to make and keep that time for writing.


What advice would you give to people wanting to enter the field?  – The best advice I received from another writer. If you have story to tell write it  because if you don’t someone will.


What type of books do you enjoy reading?  – Honestly, all kinds.  Science fiction is close to the top on that list, but I can really enjoy every genres.


Is there anything else besides writing you think people would find interesting about you?  –  There are quite a few people that follow the SWAT courses I teach , and I have a growing number of folks that follow my “Urban Farmers Report”. My wife and I have a back yard garden and some chickens and we like to pickle and can our bounty. We have a great time with this.


What are the best ways to connect with you, or find out more about your work?  – The easy way is to google “Mike Witzgall”, or they can visit my web site for the Sentinels books at “sentinelschoice.com


About the Author


The son of a career military officer, Mike Witzgall spent 12 years on active duty as a non-commissioned and commissioned officer. While in the military, Mike served in the US Marine Corps’ elite Force Reconnaissance teams and then later as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Infantry and Military Police Corps.

In 1988, after numerous deployments around the world, Mike left the military as a Captain and joined the Dallas Police Department. Mike served as a patrolman in south Dallas and as a member of a Tactical team (SWAT).  Mike’s career with Dallas ended after a severe line of duty injury forced him into early retirement. Mike continues to contribute positively to the law enforcement community today by sharing his experience and wisdom with his fellow officers through mentoring and providing the best training available to their tactical teams. Published in his field, Mike has written numerous articles for law enforcement magazines and has published eight tactical training manuals.

Currently, Mike is co-owner of Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. specializes in teaching SWAT courses. Since its inception in 1998, Charlie-Mike Enterprises, Inc. has taught over 5000 officers from as many as 500 different law enforcement agencies.

In addition to teaching SWAT, Mike is a specialist in underwater salvage and recovery operations of small to medium-large size water craft. Several of these “recoveries” have led to insurance investigations and the conviction of the claimants for arson and fraud.  Through hard work and dedication (and with his wife Shelly always at his side) Mike has earned a reputation as an expert in Underwater Crime Scene Reconstruction, Evidence Preservation and Watercraft Recoveries.

Mike loves a good mystery and Sentinel’s Choice is his first novel. He lives with his wife and an assortment of large dogs just south of Dallas. www.mikewitzgall.com

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