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On the 18th of May
by Jordan R. Samuel
Genre: Adult/YA crossover – Romance/Mystery
Release Date: March 2020


On the evening of the eighteenth of May, a young woman named Cass walks alone into a small village with the intent to stay for exactly one year. Cass soon meets two precocious children, a caring and generous business owner, and the Chief of Police from the neighboring town. Family and loss are parts of many of their stories, and while these people, as well as others, attempt to know and help her, the history and troubled memories of what led Cass to this place begin to gradually unfold. As the potential for love and the pathway for healing become clearer, the date of departure approaches. Cass and those around her will be forced to decide how forcefully they are willing to hold on: to the past, to the pain, and to the person.

On the Eighteenth of May is the story of the people and events that are interwoven throughout Cass’ journey and her life. It is a story that examines the true test of strength in the deepest depths of sorrow, as felt by the human heart. It is a story that explores the perceived helplessness of those within the support structure, and the extent to which those we love can hinder or accelerate the healing process. Finally, it is a story that reminds us of the overwhelming power of comforting influences in all of our lives, as our human souls struggle, against all odds, to survive.

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from Chapter 8

megaphone announcer was readying the competitors now. “All teams to the line,
please. I’ll count down from three to one, then listen for the horn as your
start signal.”

watched as the other pairs approached the line where he now stood alone. He
looked down at his right leg where the Velcro strap lay. He started to bend
down to retrieve it so he could move aside and out of the way, when suddenly he
saw another leg appear beside his. A person was crouched down, securing a left
leg to his right one, pulling the Velcro tight, fastening the hooks.

megaphone announcer shouted, “Three!”

person was standing upright now, looking straight ahead towards the finish
line. Lucas, however, was looking at the side of her face. He felt her left arm
reach around his waist, felt her hand as it clasped onto his shirt.

the announcer called. The spectators appeared fully enthralled with the drama
of the countdown. 

was silent, looking straight ahead, and now, he too, looked straight ahead and
readied himself for the race. Without thinking, his right arm reached up and
over her shoulders, found her waist, and settled there in a loose embrace of
her shirt and skin underneath. 

About the Author

Jordan R. Samuel is a former public school teacher and administrator who enjoys her current work as an Assistant Professor of Education. She spends her days with her husband, John, and her three children as she teaches, studies and writes. She enjoys travelling immensely, and penned many parts of this particular story while relaxing in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.


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