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About the Book

Casey Fremont has a knack for solving mysteries… She also has a habit of ending up in danger…and this time both may get her killed! In FIVE-SIX, DEADLY MIX, Casey Fremont lands in the middle of a combined local police/FBI investigation into fraud and theft at a local hospital. Also, Two women have suspiciously fallen to their deaths before Casey reports for work in her undercover role. Once again, Casey brings her roommates, Effie Tremayne and Aaron Kincaid, along to lend a hand. As usual, the rest of Casey’s life is in turmoil as well. Love interests shift and change, someone close to Casey falls ill, and she receives a visit from an uncle she’s not seen in years. This all forces Casey to make decisions that affect her while she edges ever closer to the truth of the hospital case, once more putting that life in deadly peril! FIVE-SIX, DEADLY MIX is the third Casey Fremont Mystery from Author John Achor! Intrigue and Real life drama collide for Casey once again in this exciting volume of deduction and death! From Pro Se Productions.

Guest Post from the Author



The cover art accompanying this prose is the third in my mystery series featuring Casey Fremont. When she needs additional income, this thirty-something lady takes temp jobs. This time out, a combined local police/FBI probe of a hospital draws her in. A couple of ladies plunge to their deaths before Casey enters the scene. She puts her amateur sleuth talents to work and wades into the murder and mayhem.

How did I get to this point ― here’s the back story. Back in the day, I wrote a pair of thrillers featuring an USAF officer named Alex Hilliard. After the second one, I wanted to expand ― to write something beyond male, third person thriller. Mysteries jumped out at me. To stretch more, I wanted to write a female, first person series mystery. That decision didn’t take much time.

I labored on the project ― not full time ― for two years before Casey Fremont was born. If you are looking to create a series character, I’d recommend: “Writing the Private Eye Novel,” edited by Robert J. Randisi. In a section called: Developing a Series Character written by Jeremiah Heal, I found all the character decisions I needed to make to come up with a plausible sleuth.

But I’m getting ahead of myself ― back to those thrillers. After all they did come first. The plot for the first one, “Assault on the Presidency” jumped out of me fully outlined in my head. Didn’t need an outline, just started writing and stopped when I got to: THE END. Within the book, Alex’s love interest points out photos on a table in his apartment and askes why he moves them around, and why he has a picture of his son but none of his wife. I really didn’t know ― and I was the author.

I sat down with Alex and asked him about his son and wife. After our discussion, the details of his discourse became the plot for “Assault on Reason.” It was bare bones and I spent a great deal of time outlining the novel. Only problem now, is that I didn’t write them in the proper order. The second thriller was a prequel the first book I wrote.

On to the publication of these books. The Casey Fremont mysteries were written better and was the series I sold first. I threw blood and gore into the old nursery rhyme and came up with the book titles: “One, Two – Kill a Few,” “Three, Four – Kill Some More” and “Five, Six – Deadly Mix.” Looking forward to the third in the series, I wanted to introduce the thrillers.

I sat down with ol’ Alex again, and he handed me the answer. Alex is Casey’s uncle ― her mother’s brother. He pops up in this third mystery, lends a hand solving the case, and leaves a couple of manuscripts with Casey when the caper is done. Sneaky little segue.

I’m editing those thrillers now and finding I wasn’t the writer I thought I was back in the day. Oh, well. It all counts for a lifetime. While these books represent two series, it’s not a requirement they be read in order. Like all series stories, the reader may miss a nuance here and there by not reading them in order, but I did my best to make each one a standalone book.

About the Author

The first of John Achor’s three careers spanned twenty years as a U.S. Air Force pilot. He accumulated over 4,000 hours flying planes from Piper Cubs to the military equivalent of the Boeing 707. After the military, he entered the real estate industry. He joined a national real estate franchise as a management consultant working at the regional and national levels. Those positions led him to Phoenix, Arizona, and an affiliation with a major Savings & Loan institution.

In John’s words, “When the Savings and Loan industry melted away like a lump of sugar in hot coffee, I knew it was time to develop a third career.” He became a freelance computer instructor, user-developer, consultant, writer and Community College instructor.

In mid-1999, John moved to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, where he lived in the piney woods with his wife Pat and their two cats, Lexus and Betsy Ross. As you may know from his latest book or web site; these two cats are no longer with them. Big hole in their lives, but both are waiting for us by The Rainbow Bridge. Their latest move was a recent relocation to the Omaha, Nebraska area where John is busy meeting and greeting new writers, readers and writing groups.

Website URL: www.johnachor.com

Blog URL: www.johnachor.wordpress.com

Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/jachor1

Twitter: www.twitter.com/caseyfremont

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