It’s been about six weeks since the #mondaysformystery campaign kicked off at THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF, which also saw the postings at the blog expand to twice weekly. So I thought I’d revisit and do an update on how it’s all been going.

From a content perspective, I’m almost overwhelmed that I don’t have the room to accommodate all the requests I receive. At times I contemplate going three days a week, but I’m not getting enough to quite ensure I can do that every week. In addition, I have a four-year old blog that covers all books that don’t fall into these genres called SHANNON MUIR’S INFINITE HOUSE OF BOOKS that can feature material up to five days a week (Monday through Friday). Two blogs is a lot to manage, so I think this is the most that will happen for the time being. However, your continued support is appreciated! I’m trying to book excerpts and guest posts primarily on Mondays to naturally tie in to the #mondaysformystery campaign, but that doesn’t always work out.

Speaking of #mondaysformystery, #mondaysformystery was a hashtag campaign I started about the same time to encourage mystery writers of all types to share samples of their work to have it be easier to find in the sea of more general campaigns like #mondayblogs. It isn’t catching on at the rate I’d hoped, as my husband and I have been the only users so far on weeks I don’t have something to push directly on the blog. Just a reminder this is intended for everyone, to give another avenue besides booking on others’ blogs! I’d love for other people to take advantage as well. If I see more people doing so, I’ll work even harder to push #mondaysformystery as an outlet. I’m trying to figure out as many ways to help support other authors as I can.

Keep on looking for the clues and seeking out whodunit!

Also, THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF has just launched new web fiction serials by administrator Shannon Muir, updating every other week. Find out more about them on the WEB FICTION SERIALS page, and check back every Monday in the blog feed to see what has updated over the weekend!

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