Starting August 1st, get ready for THE PULP AND MYSTERY SHELF to bring you exciting content twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays!

There’s been a fantastic reaction to the first 90 days of this blog, and though there was always a plan to expand to more days, it wasn’t originally supposed to take effect until much later, and even then only if interest justified it. Your interest has more than supported moving ahead with plans to share more information about books in New Pulp, Genre Fiction, Mystery, Crime, and Suspense fiction.

It won’t always be possible to follow this pattern, but generally the goal will be to feature spotlights and excerpts on Mondays, while maintaining interviews on Wednesdays.

As part of this expansion, the hashtag #mondaysformystery will start to be used. This hashtag is not just meant to alert people about great new content on this blog. The goal is to encourage as many writers in mystery and related fields to publish samples of their works on their blogs that day and use the hashtag to help others who are looking for similar works to find them.

While there is already the highly successful #mondayblogs out there, that hashtag can be used for any subject. The hope here is to use this (perhaps also in conjunction with #mondayblogs) to help more fans of these kinds of works find great new things to discover, in a way larger than a single blog can do.

Get ready for #mondaysformystery!

Shannon Muir



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