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BEYOND THE SHELF is general commentary about the blog or the mystery and crime writing business by author and site administrator Shannon Muir that doesn’t fall in the scope of a regular column. This week’s topic is on making time to write.

Right now there’s still a lot of change going on around me, not to mention commitments I need to keep. The biggest challenge for me is finding time to regularly write fiction. I don’t get in a lot of word count a day, but I think I have found a way to at least get in some time working on the phone during the bus portion of my new commute to work.

The one thing I’ve had to let go of is not easily having my notes or other work to refer to. Basically I wind up writing down whatever comes to mind. Then, when I get home at night, I have to compare notes and see if it even works. Most times it is ok, but sometimes massive rewrites are needed.

At least it’s a start.

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