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BEYOND THE SHELF is general commentary about the blog or the mystery and crime writing business by author and site administrator Shannon Muir that doesn’t fall in the scope of a regular column. From now through the month of October, BEYOND THE SHELF will appear on Saturdays and Sundays. The topic today focuses on working on carving out time to write in a busy world.

It seems like from October to the end of the year, lives get busier and busier, especially as a series of holidays fall upon us (at least in the country where I live). There are demands to get more done in the same amount of hours each day. Guarding to make sure there is some time set aside to write – whether on a project with a deadline or just for oneself – seems an uphill battle.

It’s one I will face this year, moreso than usual as I decide to take on the NaNoWriMo challenge for its twentieth anniversary after a long hiatus.

Hoping I can find a way to balance it and make it all work.

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