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 Awakening (Book One of The Thin series)

  • Elcie Lee can’t go back to sleep, can’t go back to who she was and what she did not know before that night in the old village hotel. Perhaps she called these manifestations through The Thin in a moment of desperation. Or maybe they have been waiting for her to come along. All she knows is that she is in a race to find out who or what they are — indeed who or what she herself may be. Pursued by sinister beings, both human and otherwise, if Elcie does not uncover the secrets of her own past in time, she will be the next to disappear.


 Silent Key

  • Foster Farraday knows she witnessed a murder. She saw the smiling predator walk away from the scene. Just when she thought it was behind her, the sadistic game he was playing comes to find her. If she can’t unmask a killer, she could be next on his list. Some other young woman might run. Foster Farraday isn’t most women.




  1. What initially got you interested in writing? ~ As a child I was an avid reader with an active imagination. I could create a story just by looking at a half-built home in our neighborhood. I started writing when I was seven and haven’t stopped since then.
  2. What genres do you write in? ~ I mainly write thrillers and categories of thrillers such as crime and paranormal.
  3. What drew you to writing these specific genres? ~ I have a love of the supernatural, the paranormal, crime, and all-around creepy or mysterious circumstances. Writing, especially in paranormal fiction, gives me an excuse to visit haunted locations around the country!
  4. How did you break into the field? ~ Amazon’s KDP program really interested me and gave me the boost to begin self-publishing books that I had wanted to write for years.
  5. What do you want readers to take away from reading your works? ~ I want them to be entertained, to connect with the characters, and to be spooked. And if they laugh, that also makes me happy.
  6. What do you find most rewarding about writing? ~ I love putting ideas to the page. Seeing my imagination written out in book form brings me joy. But I also love seeing that it brings readers joy as well!
  7. What do you find most challenging about writing? ~ Honestly, the business side of it. I am extremely right-brained so the writing comes easily. The promotion, etc. are the most challenging for me
  8. What advice would you give to people wanting to enter the field? ~ Don’t wait another day to get started!
  9. What type of books do you enjoy reading? ~ I enjoy reading crime, thrillers, paranormal books, and mysteries. I also enjoy some non-fiction. Once in a while I will jump to romance.
  10. Is there anything else besides writing you think people would find interesting about you? ~ In addition to writing, I am also a music and performing arts teacher. In my books, you will always find some kind of connection to music or the arts.
  11. What are the best ways to connect with you, or find out more about your work? ~ I am active on Facebook and Twitter. You can also visit my website:



Erin Leland Tuttle, Kentucky born and raised, has been writing books since she was seven years old. By the time she was a teenager, she had moved from writing by hand to typing on her first typewriter. In the first part of her adult life, she taught music and performing arts in public schools and ran her own piano studio. Then, in 2015, she self-published her first book, Silent Key. Now, in addition to writing, Erin homeschools her two children and makes beautiful music with her husband (yes, literally).

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