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Cherry Cake and a Cadaver
by Susan Boles




Lily Gayle and the gang set out to find a killer after local baker Luxen Natolovich is found dead hours before the grand opening weekend at the new Bed and Breakfast in town, Midnight Dragonfly. As Lily Gayle deciphers the clues around Luxen’s death she uncovers a conspiracy of lies and half truths that could very well be tied to a refugee camp in Mississippi during World War II. The deeper Lily Gayle digs, the deeper the conspiracy runs, and the closer she comes to being the killer’s next victim.

Interview With the Character

  • What’s it like living in a small town where everyone knows each other? It’s a pretty interesting situation. When you live not only in a small town, but in a small town where your family has lived for generations, there are so many good and bad things that go along with it. On the good side, everyone knows you and your entire family back to forever. On the bad side, everyone knows you and your entire family back to forever. LOL. That’s the honest truth. Every good and bad thing that has happened to you or a member of your family is part of the tapestry of life in a small town. So, while i may complain that everybody know all about my business and my family, deep down it’s a comfort most of the time to know that my roots are sunk so deep in this town that I always have a place.
  • Do you like getting caught up in the mysteries you try to solve? I really love figuring out what happened and who did the crimes. I have a pretty good knack for getting people to talk or for extrapolating information from just a clue or two that don’t seem to go together at first glance. I know it drive’s Ben crazy that I’m always sticking my nose into cases, but I’ve managed to come up with some really great information that helped solve the crimes.
  • Are there days you wonder why these kind of things happen to you? Oh my, yes! Ben would tell you that I just plain old attract crazy stuff. And, I guess I do. And sometimes would love to have a break from it. But then, I get over that feeling and I’m right back on the case.
  • Can you tell more about your gang, and what you find special about them? I laugh every time I think about it. Dixie and I go all the way back to diapers. We’ve been best friends, thick and thin, all our lives. And everybody in town will tell you I’ve led her astray all her life. Maybe that’s true, but we never got up to anything truly illegal, just some good natured fun. Like the time we spent several evenings going by a farm out from town where the owner raises fainting sheep. We’d honk the horn several times close together and every one of those sheep would fall over in a faint. We’d laugh hysterically and drive off. And old Mr. Blalock would come out the front door hollering and shaking his fist. Dixe didn’t want to do it, but she went with me. She said to keep me out of trouble, but I still say she secretly enjoyed all our escapades. And, in case you’re thinking I made that up about the fainting sheep, check it out. There really is such a thing. So, that brings us to Miss Edna. I have to confess, she was not always my idea of someone who’d make a good friend. She’s always been downright cantankerous and I never saw her soft side till my last case where I got hurt and Miss Edna came to my house to watch over me. Why, you could have blown me over with a feather when Ben brought her to my house. And I silently cursed Ben for doing it. But, that day I saw that even though she’s pretty outspoken and comes across mean as a snake, she’s really got a good heart and would give her last dime to someone in need. That day really changed my thinking about her. And, later on in the case when she wanted to form our triumverate, I thought that was about the worst thing that could happen. But its been a good thing. The three of us are really good at sniffing out information and helping Ben solve cases.

susan boles

About the Author

Susan calls McNairy County, TN her home ground even though she has moved away. It was here, at Bethel Springs Junior High School that she began her writing career with two friends. They formed their own little writers group that was so secret they were the only ones who knew it existed. She still has some of the stories they wrote carefully preserved in a loose leaf binder and tucked away for safety.

She has worked in retail management, briefly for the Census Bureau and for many years in the investment/insurance industry in the regulatory compliance arena. All of which are left brain activities. So she exercises her right brain activity with reading and writing…just to keep both sides even.

Reading has been a passion since she was very young. As a toddler, her mother read to her from her ‘baby books’ and her Mother tells a story about her holding one of them upside down and ‘reading’ by repeating the story verbatim from memory.

Death of a Wolfman is the first in the Lily Gayle Lambert mystery series. Her previously published romantic suspense novel, Fated Love, is a contemporary paranormal romantic suspense (with a twist of paranormal) set in Memphis, TN. Her first novel, Kate’s Pride, is a historical women’s fiction set in West Tennessee in the aftermath of the Civil War. The novel is loosely based on her own Great Grandmother and published under the pen name Renee Russell.

Life got in the way of writing for many years but now she’s come back to her early love.

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    This sounds like a really fun read and I’m looking forward to reading the book. I really like the cover also.

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